These are 2017’s Most Successful Celebrity Diets According to tvN


tvN‘s Name List Reveal has ranked this year’s 8 most successful celebrity diets of this year, and they’ve all seen incredible results.

tvN’s celebrity ranking show, Name List Reveal, has just released a list of 8 female celebrities who pursued diets to achieve their dream weight and succeeded. So, for anyone who aspires to look like a Korean star, these are the celebrities to follow.

These are Name List Reveal‘s top 8 celebrities who have had the most successful diets so far.

8. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young was once incredibly popular with her iconic chubby cheeks back in 2008, but over time, she slowly began shedding some weight to achieve a more mature look. According to Park Bo Young, she reduced her portion sizes and started doing core exercises to improve her overall health and maintain a balanced body. Bo Young also revealed she likes to bathe only her lower body as it allegedly helps with dieting.

7. Apink’s Eunji

Jung Eunji revealed that she has a very big appetite, and claimed that she was chubbier than the typical idol because of her love of food. She went on an intense diet, however, in order to slim down by limiting herself to eating low-calorie foods, doing various weight-lifting exercises as soon as she woke up, and also taking up boxing. This ultimately resulted in 15 kg (33 lbs) of weight-loss, taking her from 62 kg (137 lbs) down to 47 kg (104 lbs).

6. f(x)’s Luna

Luna was involved in multiple different sports as a child, and so she had a difficult time as her more muscular body was often unfavorably compared to the other members of f(x), who were smaller and slimmer. She decided to take up dieting to slim down her figure, and it was during these diets she realized that portion control was very important. Before photo shoots or other schedules, Luna claims she didn’t eat anything other than lemon green tea, and only resorted to light weight-lifting and jogging so as to minimize muscle development and maximize weight loss.

5. Cho Yeo Jung

Cho Yeo Jung has always had a glamorous figure, but she has whittled down her size and toned her body even more over the years. Currently, she is sticking to a healthy diet to maintain her overall balance and is jogging at least 30 minutes a day. She also likes to be involved in ballet, pilates, yoga, and modern dance to keep herself fit.

4. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy started dieting when she was a trainee and asserts there isn’t a single diet plan she hasn’t tried. Joy says she has finally found a workout regimen that seems to be working for her and has stuck to it to become the Joy she is today.

3. Park Boram

Park Boram lost 30 kg (66 lbs) and says it definitely wasn’t easy. Throughout her weight loss journey, Park Boram experienced weight gain here and there and, often, this regression was a source of discouragement. She decided to step up her game each time, however, and started an even more intense diet. On this diet, she would divide her meals into 5 small meals a day, and only chose to eat chicken breast salad, sweet potatoes, bananas, and other healthy, low-fat foods. She also made sure to stay active with kickboxing, cross fit, and pilates.

2. AOA’s Seolhyun

While Seolhyun has an incredibly fit and slim body, she claims it’s the result of an intense diet and immense self-control. Seolhyun says she gave up high-calorie foods cold-turkey, and only began eating low-calorie foods. She also explained that she would snack on tomatoes whenever she was hungry. Seolhyun also hired a professional trainer to help her with her posture and made sure to weigh herself every day to check her progress.

1. Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra took the number one spot on the list of most successful celebrity diets. She claimed she was often mistaken as an athlete whenever she wore her school’s P.E. uniform due to her large size as a student, and so she decided to start an intense diet regimen to lose weight and become a beautiful actress. With her new diet, she lost 20 kg (44 lbs), and netizens are dying to know what her secret is. She has been very tight-lipped about it, however.

Source: TV Daily