This is the difference between female and male aegyo

While most idols practice aegyo in one form or another, there are definitely differences between male and female aegyo and these GIFs are a perfect example.

Aegyo is, arguably, a core part of the K-Pop experience, as idols often perform aegyo as a way to endear themselves to their fans. While both male and female idols do aegyo, the different genders definitely have different styles. Female idols tend to act extremely, almost cartoonishly, cute, while male idols tend to be cool and manly even while doing silly aegyo.

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Posted by Koreaboo on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The following GIFs are examples of the differences between feminine and masculine aegyo:

Jisoo’s aegyo is incredibly cute! She definitely looks joyful and sweet.

Jinyoung’s aegyo is less silly and cutesy than Jisoo’s to show that he’s a cool, calm, and collected guy.

She looks as cute as a button.

Jinyoung’s  aegyo, on the other hand, is charming and cool.

Doyoung’s aegyo is a little more cutesy than Jinyoung’s but still manly.

She looks as sweet as that candy.

Doyoung’s aegyo is extremely adorable but less over the top.

Even when he is doing cute aegyo, he looks manly.