Female idols claim these 4 boys are the most attractive in the industry


Female idols meet many male celebrities but these four seem to be a cut above the rest.

Among a plethora of idols, four male idols currently seem to have the hold on most female idols hearts. According to multiple female idol agency representatives and news reporters that have frequent contact with female idols, these male idols are the most popular at the very moment.

*The idols are not listed in any particular order*

1. Park Bo Gum


He was consistently popular since his days as a music show MC. His looks that incite maternal affections and heart-fluttering gaze stimulate females’ hearts.

2. EXO Baekhyun


His various charms on stage and his adorable yet simultaneous manliness has made him popular since debut.


Source: Star Daily
Source: Star Daily

His stage presence and talent, sexy yet cute physical appearance, and his mannerisms off stage are said to have a strange, heart-fluttering charm that makes it hard to take one’s eyes off of him.

4. BTS Jungkook


Even though he is a cute “younger-guy type, he has a contrasting manly image. Unlike his cute face, he has a well-built body. This contrasting charm makes one want to try dating him at least once.

Source: Instiz