This is the only SM idol who almost never wears makeup

Many idols wear makeup on stage to highlight their looks but this SM artist can rarely be seen wearing eyeliner and often performs “bare-faced”.

Although Super Junior‘s Donghae previously stated that he doesn’t hate the thought of makeup, he said he would rather perform with as little eye makeup as possible and even revealed that he performed at Super Junior concerts without any eye makeup.

Fans noticed Donghae’s amazing visuals without makeup and his already handsome features are only highlighted by his lack of makeup proving he is an ultimate visual member of Super Junior.

Donghae is currently serving his mandatory military service where he enlisted in October 2015 as a conscripted policeman along with fellow Super Junior members Siwon and Eunhyuk. 

Take a look at Donghae’s amazing bare-faced visuals below.

Lee Donghae “no make-up” visuals left fans in awe with his handsome face.
Even during his performances with Super Junior, he was rarely spotted wearing eyeliner.
Lee Donghae said he would often perform “bare-faced”.
His handsome visuals are undeniable.
He proves idols don’t always need to wear makeup to highlight their natural features.
His eyes stand out even without makeup.
Fans recognized his amazing visuals with or without makeup.
Even during his military service, his natural visuals continue to leave fans in awe.

Looks like Donghae’s been bringing some others over to the ‘no makeup’ side once in a while.

While Sehun is often seen with at least a little bit of makeup on, he looks ridiculously handsome the days he’s spotted without any on!