This is why BTS V is called the “King of Fanservice”


BTS‘s has been praised for being incredibly close to his fans and treating them like his own family. 

In fact, in addition to constantly updating fans through the group’s social media and posing for photos for fansites, V has been known for being the “king of fanservice” at fansigns. While many artists will talk to fans and accept gifts, V has stood out for remembering all of his dedicated fans and treating them with the same level of love and care as his closest fans and family members.

Fans who’ve attended BTS fansigns can attest that V will tease his dedicated fans and treat them at a level that every fan wishes they could be at with their bias. Here are some examples of V’s famous top-level fanservice:

Teasing one of his most dedicated fans
While some fans have mistaken his actions as cruel, the fan herself has revealed that the two of them were indeed just joking around.

He makes silly poses with fan gifts
While it’s a relatively common practice, the way V does it is just extra sweet

He really knows how to take care of all of his fans
The way he treats this little boy is just adorable!

He’ll show off his talents for fans
How often do fans get to see V play the piano?

His reactions are gold
He really loved the smell of that hand cream

BONUS: He’s also been known to show some skin at performances too!

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