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15& releases "Be My Baby" cover track

Submitted: Dec 07 2012 11:45 AM by ohgelie

JYP Entertainment's 15& reveals their own version for the track, "Be My Baby," originally released by the Wonder Girls. Earlier today, a teaser picture featuring 15&'s new project titled, "15& Sound," as they release their own versions for the hit tracks produced by the agency.

Park jimin and Baek Yirin rearranged the track to fit their style and showcased a slow, live version of the track, while being accompanied by a piano organ. This will be the first track to be released under the the project "15& Sound" and will be releasing five cover traacks in total. One new cover will be released every two weeks and will be uploaded through their official Youtube channel.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment stated that the new project was planned to allow 15& to showcase their fresh talent, as they reinterpret hit tracks released by their seniors.

What do you think of their version? Are you looking forward to more cover tracks from the duo?

Source: 15andofficial

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