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FT Island, Boyfriend, Girls' Generation and more in this week's Oricon charts

Submitted: Nov 30 2012 02:40 PM by Kaye

This week's charts include another load of new releases with FT Island and Boyfriend in the single rankings, each with their most recent releases, as well as Girls' Generation's newest and second full length album "Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~."

FT Island's "Polar Star" takes the 2nd place in this week's single ranking after selling 19,400 copies on its first day. The band is closely followed by six member group Boyfriend, whose 2nd Japaneses single "Kimi to Dance Dance Dance/ My Lady ~Fuyu no Koibito~" sold 16,929 copies and got them to the 3rd place.

This week it was also time for the release of Girls' Generation's newest full length album. "Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~" got to the 2nd spot.

On the 5th place in this week's single ranking, we find girl group Girls' Generation's latest single "Flower Power." The release sold 29,065 units since its release on November 21st. MYNAME's second Japanese single "What's Up" sold 19,366 copies in its first week, grabbing a 9th spot just before SHU-I whose newest single "Daigyakuten" sold 18,432 copies.

What was your favorite release of the week?

The next coming weeks include releases by various other artists including, U-KISS (12/12), SHINee (12/12) and Supernova (12/19) among others.

Daily Single
02. FT Island - Polar Star (11/28) 19,400 copies
03. Boyfriend - Kimi to Dance Dance Dance/ My Lady ~Fuyu no Koibito~ (11/28) 16,929 copies
16. Girls' Generation - Flower Power (11/21)

Weekly Single
05. Girls' Generation - Flower Power (11/21) 29,065 copies
08. 2PM - Masquerade (11/14) 19,481 copies
09. MYNAME - What's Up (11/21) 19,366 copies
10. SHU-I - Daigyakuten (11/21) 18,432 copies
38. T-ara - Sexy Love (11/14) 2,794 copies

Daily Album
02. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~ (11/28)
20. KARA - Girls Forever (11/14)

Weekly Album
13. KARA - Girls Forever (11/14) 15,672 copies
49. B1A4 - In the Wind (11/15) 2,407 copies Korean Release

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