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B.A.P comes back to M! Countdown with "Power"!

Submitted: May 03 2012 10:00 AM by fiveseven_

Debuting earlier this year with the track "Warrior", B.A.P released their second single earlier this month. Their newest single, titled "Power", features four new tracks and was released in tandem with the MV for the title track.

Written by Bang Yongguk, Kang Jiwon, and Kim Kibum, "Power" describes anger and resentment towards society's elite. "Power" is a rock track with B.A.P's signature rapping style and vocals. True to the lyrical message of the song, B.A.P delivered a striking performance of "Power" with strong vocals and rap verses, along with their aggressive choreography.

Check out B.A.P's comeback stage of "Power" below:

Source: KpopShowTV07

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