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C-REAL releases teaser photo for Effie

Submitted: Dec 12 2012 06:15 AM by slidesandswings

After revealing teasers for members Chemi, Lenny and Redee, C-REAL has released a new picture for member Effie.

On December 12th (KST), NAP Entertainment's official Twitter account updated the album cover with Effie's picture. The tweet caption read: "레니(Lenny) / 케미(Chemi) / 레디(Re Dee) / 에피(Efiie) ..?!"

In the image, Effie is shown with her hair slightly curled and shoulder length. She has a cute light-blue headband on. Her pink sweater and sweet smile complete her adorable image. Her image joins that of her fellow members Lenny, Redee, and Chemi on the very right-hand side of the album cover.

Check out the updated image including Effie below:

Posted Image

How do you like Effie's picture?

Source: @napenter

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