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Electric Eels release new EP titled "Trendy"

Submitted: Mar 25 2012 03:43 AM by fiveseven_

Indie rock band Electric Eels have released their second EP, titled "Trendy." The EP features several remastered tracks from the band's debut EP "Charge," released last year. In addition, the new EP's eponymous title track has been rerecorded to feature Yeon Rimok, the keyboardist of rock group Nunco (Nuntteugo Cobain).

The Electric Eels have continued to define their alternative rock style on "Trendy," with their hard-edged guitar riffs and mellow vocals. Although "Trendy" does not feature any newly recorded tracks, the band further developed their image as an indie alternative rock band through their remastered debut songs. After achieving mild success with their debut, "Trendy" showcases the band's potential to gain more attention with their future releases.

Check out the band's official Twitter and YouTube pages, and listen to "Trendy" below:

"Canine Tooth"

"Trendy" feat. Yeon Rimok of Nunco (Nuntteugo Cobain)




"Of Wild Tuna"

Source: KoreanIndie and 2cinquesette

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