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EXO releases first comeback teaser

Submitted: May 16 2013 03:40 AM by happyazngirl08

The boys of EXO have released their first image teaser for their comeback! Resembling a page in a yearbook, the image teaser indicates that EXO will be releasing their first full-length album titled "XOXO" (Hugs and Kisses).

Starting on the 17th, teaser images for each individual member will be released through various Internet portals, including SM's official website and Facebook and the search portal Naver.

Having had a successful debut last year with their mini-album "MAMA", EXO has won numerous awards, including the New Asian Artist Group award at the 2012 MAMA. As a result, the group's comeback is highly anticipated. One of the tracks off their first full-length album, "Wolf," was also recently leaked online, further increasing the anticipation for EXO's comeback.

Like before, both sub-units of EXO - EXO-K and EXO-M - will release their new album on the same day in both Korea and China. Both sub-units will be promoting together in both Korea and China, so fans will be able to see all 12 members perform their new tracks.

Are you excited for EXO's comeback?

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Source: SMTOWN

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