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G.NA releases 2nd image teaser for 4th mini-album "Oops!"

Submitted: Mar 05 2013 03:48 PM by Uni

Female soloist G.NA is preparing to make her comeback soon with her 4th mini-album this month, and has already begun to tease fans with the release of her first image teaser.

Following up, on March 5th, G.NA released yet another image teaser of herself showcasing her new short, red hair. With a beautiful blue colored wall as her background, G.NA is seen smiling widely with a cute eye smile at the camera wearing tight, black outfit and red high-heeled shoes.

G.NA's fantastic body figure is shown off in this rather simplistic photo, along with her collarbone, highlighted by her shirt's plunging neckline.

Meanwhile, G.NA is set to release her 4th mini-album on March 14th with the title song "Oops!". It is said that "Oops!" will have a bright spring feel and a charming piano melody.

Are you looking forward to her upcoming album?

Source: CUBEUNITED and Kyungjae Today

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