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Kim Janghoon to release 10th album in USB package

Submitted: Nov 26 2012 01:39 AM by Uni

Kim Janghoon will be releasing his 10th studio album in USB form.

On December 6th, Kim Janghoon's 10th studio album is set to be released in CD form. In addition to that, the album will also be available for purchase in a 4GB USB package, which is shaped in the form of Kim Janghoon playing the guitar.

The USB will contain the wave files of each of his album's tracks, which takes approximately 1GB of space. The remaining 3GB on the USB can be used at the user's convenience.

The release of Kim Janghoon's album in USB form in the music market may be the start of a new trend, as he is the first Korean artist to ever do so.

Meanwhile, Kim Janghoon will be holding his concert "Adiu" in Seoul from December 20th through the 25th at the Jamsil Stadium. He is also set to tour the United States and China starting April of next year.

What do you think of this new form of music release?

Source: Segye Ilbo

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