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MYNAME releases another two concept pictures feat. members Seyong and Chaejin

Submitted: May 23 2012 03:00 PM by Kaye

With pictures featuring members Insoo and JunQ released yesterday, many fans were anticipating the other member's new looks. H2 Media just revealed new pictures for another two members, Seyong and Chaejin, as they uploaded them to their official facebook and Twitter accounts.

Seyong and Chaejin's pictures easily fit in with the strict and cold look of the previously released teaser pictures, as well as the dramatic music video teaser for "Hello & Goodbye" which featured leader Gunwoo and was released earlier this week.

"MYNAME 1st Single" will be released early June. This will be the first physical release since their debut on October 27th, 2011 with the digital single "Message".

What do you think of these new concept pictures?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: H2media

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