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MYNAME releases Gunwoo image teaser

Submitted: May 25 2012 02:30 AM by Uni

Male group MYNAME is preparing to make their comeback and has released the image teaser for member Gunwoo, following the image release for Insoo, JunQ, Seyong and Chaejin.

The final member's image teaser was revealed on May 25th via their agency's Twitter account. Gunwoo unleashes an intense charisma through his teaser photo, yet gives off a mysterious aura through his eyes.

Netizens who have seen Gunwoo's image teaser said, "Gunwoo oppa's intense eyes is making me melt," "He is really the strongest idol visually," "He resembles Super Junior's Kim Heechul."

MYNAME is set to release their new album and title track "Hello & Goodbye" on June 1st.

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Source: Newsen

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  • banagurlz 0 Points

    is this their second song after 'message'?

    25 May 2012 - 12:58 AM

    • j_arc91 10 Points

      Yup, I may have heard wrong, but it might be a full length album too, which is pretty uncommon for their 2nd ever release. Either way, I can't wait

      25 May 2012 - 06:14 AM

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