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Secret releases 3rd image teaser for single "Talk That" ft. Zinger

Submitted: Nov 28 2012 12:01 AM by Uni

Female group Secret has been releasing image teasers of each members in the past few days, beginning with leader Song Jieun and Hyosung, as they prepare to release their new single, "Talk That."

Secret has already shown that the concept for "Talk That" is quite unlike their "Poison" promotions, in which they showed off their provocative side.

Appearing to be a melancholy track based off the image teasers alone, "Talk That" is already gaining a lot of anticipation after it was announced that hit maker producer Shinsadong Tiger worked with Secret once again, this time for their upcoming release.

Matching the mood of Song Jieun and Hyosung, Zinger's image teaser was released on November 28th. Despite having shown a strong image due to her position as the group's rapper, Zinger showcases a soft image for "Talk That" as she looks off to the side with sad eyes. Wearing a white dress, Zinger's hair rests to her right shoulder, showing off her long slender neck and collarbone.

Secret's "Talk That" will be released on December 4th. Sunhwa's image teaser remains, while a group photo is most likely set to be released in the future as well.

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Source: TS Entertainment

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