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Secret releases "Talk That" group image teaser

Submitted: Dec 03 2012 03:15 AM by Miranda

After revealing individual image teasers for Sunhwa, Hyosung, Zinger, and Jieun, as well as a video teaser, Secret has now released the first group image teaser for their upcoming single "Talk That."

The image features the four members dressed in loose fitting earth-toned clothing posing around a simple white bed. Surrounded by tangled vines lining the walls of a small room, the members showcase saddened expressions to fit the solemn mood. The soft lighting and subtle clothing accessories also add to the simple but sorrowful concept.

The upcoming single "Talk That" will be released this week on December 4th.

Are you looking forward to Secret's comeback? Check our their teaser image below!

Posted Image

Source: Secret Daum Cafe

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