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Shinhwa releases concept photos for Hyesung and Andy + group photo

Submitted: Mar 22 2012 07:50 AM by Uni

Shinhwa has released the final solo concept photos for members Hyesung and Andy on March 23rd!

The group began releasing concept photos for each member starting March 21st with Eric and Dongwan, which were followed by photos of Minwoo and Junjin the next day.

Shinhwa's concept for their 10th album is of a modern vampire as given off with their outfits, consisting of a red suit, lined with decorating black feathers, and a black top hat and dark make up.

The Shinhwa Company website (www.shinhwacompany.co.kr/) has also been reorganized to present "The Return" concept, and features the Shinhwa members lined side by side with eyes clothes, holding a sword in front of their hands as if lying down in a coffin.

Shinhwa is set to release their 10th studio album, "The Return," on March 23rd, which will be followed by a 2-day concert on the 24th and 25th in celebration of their 14th anniversary and comeback after a 4-year hiatus. The group has already released the music video teaser to their title track, "Venus."

What do you think of their concept so far?

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Source: Star News

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