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SHU-I to make their return to Korea with mini album release + tracklist revealed

Submitted: Jun 23 2013 05:05 PM by Kaye

Five member boy group SHU-I will finally be making their return to the Korean stage with the release of their first ever Korean mini album.

Earlier today, the tracklist for the mini album release was revealed to consist out of seven different tracks as well as two additional instrumentals. Next to new tracks, the release seems to include a Korean version of their Japanese single "Summer Sweet," as well as their Korean debut single "Bomb Bomb Bomb" and its b-side track "Please Help Me." The members were also revealed to have participated in writing the lyrics for "Forever with you," providing heartfelt emotions through the song.

The five member group consisting out of leader Inseok ('88), Changhyun ('88), Minho ('89), Hyungjun ('89), and Jinseok ('91), debuted with "Bomb Bomb Bomb" through YJ Entertainment (Also known as Yejeon Media) back in September 2009. After doing follow-up promotions, the group fell silent until they resurfaced in Japan with the release of an indie mini album "STAR LIGHT." Through its release, SHU-I was picked up by AVEX Entertainment, and has been releasing and promoting music in Japan since. Their latest Japanese single, "Acha Kocha Sorry," was released last March.

More information surrounding its release hasn't been revealed yet. Will you be anticipating their long-awaited return?

2.Forever with you
3.Summer sweet
5.붙잡고 싶어
6.Bomb Bomb Bomb
9.Forever with you (ins.)

Source: SHU-I and @shueyesubs

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