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SISTAR preparing for comeback in June?

Submitted: May 16 2013 05:18 PM by Uni

According to Starship Entertainment on the afternoon of May 16th, the four-member girl group SISTAR is preparing to make their comeback for mid-June.

Earlier this year, the unit SISTAR19 - consisting of Bora and Hyorin - released their 2nd single together, "Gone Not Around Any Longer," and has received a lot of love from fans.

SISTAR experienced a surge in popularity after releasing their hit track "Alone," successfully emerging as one of the mainstream girl groups. "Alone" was followed by yet another summer hit track, "Loving You."

It is rumored that SISTAR will be working alongside hit producer Brave Brothers once again for their upcoming album, which has set the bar high for their return.

The agency stated, "They are ready to record their new album and are working hard. SISTAR will return with the best album and will not disappoint you."

Are you looking forward to their comeback?

source: Financial News

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