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Sunny Hill releases comeback MV teaser for "Goodbye to Romance"

Submitted: Dec 12 2012 03:56 AM by Congee

After releasing a comeback teaser through last week’s Inkigayo, Sunny Hill confirmed that they would be making their comeback on December 14th with a mini-album titled, "Antique Romance," which would include six tracks. They revealed a teaser image on their official Facebook page along with the announcement. During the Inkigayo teaser, it was also revealed that they would return with the song "Goodbye to Romance."

With their comeback approaching soon, Sunny Hill has released their music video teaser for "Goodbye to Romance." In the teaser, the members discuss their first loves. In addition to the discussion, a brief clip is shown with the female members posing with their younger selves.

What did you think of the teaser? "Goodbye to Romance" marks Sunny Hill’s first comeback stage since April with "Princess and Prince Charming," following the leave of male member Janghyun for military service.

Source: LoenEnt

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