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U-KISS returns to Music Bank with "When Love Stops" and "DORADORA"

Submitted: Apr 27 2012 10:38 AM by fiveseven_

After releasing their EP "DORADORA", first physical release since their second full length album "Neverland" in 2011, U-KISS returned to Music Bank with performances of "When Love Stop" and "DORADORA". "When Love Stops" and "DORADORA" are both featured on the EP, which was released earlier this week. To complement their new EP, U-KISS also revealed a music video for the eponymous title track, "DORADORA".

U-KISS's performance of their ballad "When Love Stops" showcased each member's well controlled voices and emotional lyrics. The group capped off their comeback stage and energized the Music Bank crowd with a performance of their midtempo dance track "DORADORA", complete with a striking and synchronized choreography.

Check out U-KISS's comeback performances below:

Source: lokyan74

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