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Brown Eyed Girls releases video teaser for upcoming concert, "Tonight 37.2°C"

Submitted: Nov 08 2012 08:49 PM by Uni

Brown Eyed Girls are preparing to hold their first solo and R-rated concert this December titled "Tonight 37.2°C."

Just the other day, the group released several still photos of the girls as a teaser to fans, which was then followed by the first video teaser for the concert. The teaser features all four members of Brown Eyed Girls, each with their own scenes such as Jea eating strawberries seductively and Miryo in a bubble bath with a man fully clothed.

Nega Network will continue to release solo video teasers for each member, each symbolizing eroticism of love, wound and revenge.

Brown Eyed Girls will hold their 2-day concert on December 24th and 25th at the Central City Millennium Hall in Seoul.

Source: officialBEG

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