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Brown Eyed Girls releases video teaser ft. Gain for upcoming concert, "Tonight 37.2°C"

Submitted: Dec 11 2012 02:35 PM by ohgelie

Teasing fans for their first adult concert, Brown Eyed Girls released another teaser clip for the concert titled, "Tonight 37.2°C."

On December 11th, Brown Eyed Girls unveiled the seductive teaser clip on their official Youtube channel and featured Gain, getting dressed while putting stockings and make-up on. Previous highlights from Miryo, Narsha and Jea's teaser clips were also included, gradually stitching the storyline between the videos released.

It is expected that Nega Network will continue to release more video teasers of the group, symbolising eroticism of love, wounds and revenged.

Brown Eyed Girls will hold their 2-day concert on December 24th and 25th at the Central City Millennium Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Source: officialBEG

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