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FT Island releases their 2013 Asia tour schedule

Submitted: Apr 10 2013 02:53 AM by Uni

FT Island's schedule for their 2013 tour has been released.

FT Island will soon be kicking off their 2013 Asia Tour "TAKE FTISLAND," which will start in Beijing on the 13th. The tour initially began in Seoul last year in September.

Following their Beijing stop, FT Island will continue on to Singapore, performing on July 27th, and a Hong Kong performance scheduled for August 24th.

The male band will also undertake an Arena Tour in Japan beginning in Miyagi on June 15th, Shizuoka on June 22nd, Nagoya on June 25th and 26th, June 29th and 30th in Osaka, July 7th in Nagano, and July 10th and 11th in Tokyo.

At the end of March, FT Island released their newest Japanese single "You Are My Life," which dominated charts, and is set to release their 3rd Japanese album "RATED-FT" in June. The album has already ranked highly on reservation charts, showing that many fans are anticipating their new album.

Tour Schedule:
April 13th - Beijing, China
June 15th - Miyagi, Japan
June 22nd - Shizuoka, Japan
June 25th & 26th - Nagoya, Japan
June 29th & 30th - Osaka, Japan
July 7th - Nagano, Japan
July 10th & 11th - Tokyo, Japan
July 27th - Singapore
August 24th - Hong Kong

Source: Sports World

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