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Core Contents Media announces line-up changes in T-ara, 5Dolls, The SeeYa and SPEED

Submitted: Jul 10 2013 09:20 PM by ohgelie

Core Contents Media shocked fans today by announcing set member changes for T-ara, 5Dolls, The SeeYa and SPEED.

On July 10th, Core Contents Media started the overhaul by uploading a video clip on their official Youtube channel, confirming Ahreum's departure from T-ara. In the clip, Ahreum announces that she will be leaving the group to pursue a solo career and further asks the support of their fans on her decision. She is set to focus on hiphop music, as well as pop, ballads and acting. T-ara will remain with six members and will continue promotions starting with their Budoken Concert on the 11th.

Meanwhile, T-ara's project group, T-ara N4 will have a new member in the form of Dani. She is described to have lived in the United States and fluent in English and will join album activities in the United States first, then locally.

5Dolls, on the other hand, will gain two new members by July following Shannon and Jihyun's departure. Shannon will return to training as a solo artist while Jihyun will make her debut with another group. Filling their spots in the group are Cho Seunghee and The Seeya's Yeonkyung. Yeonkyung will be active in both The SeeYa and 5Dolls.

5Dolls will be returning to the music scene with a retro-disco track "Soulmate #1," which was composed by hit maker Double Sidekick.

Meanwhile, SPEED will gain two new members as part of a project album and will return with a new concept together with Taemin and Sungwon. Sungwon was originally featured in Davichi's "Turtle" together with 5Dolls' Hyoyoung.

What do you think of the sudden change in line-up?

Source: OSEN, StarNews and TiaraDiadem

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  • Princess 105 Points

    UNhappy I was liking The seeYa... now there already changing up ehat the heck CCM? - -" annoyed

    10 July 2013 - 10:25 PM

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