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AOA reveals image teaser of 3rd member, Hyejeong

Submitted: Jul 18 2012 05:10 AM by leadahsmile

AOA, the new girl group of FNC Entertainment, has revealed teasers for its first two members, Seolhyun and Choaya. Today, FNC Entertainment has revealed the third member for AOA, Hyejeong!

According to the teaser, Hyejeong.Linus is "the most beautiful among the angels." Similar to the previous image teasers, Hyejeong is seen with beautiful angel wings folded behind her as she poses in front of a mirror, but looking towards the side with one hand on her hips.

AOA, which stands for Ace of Angels, will have their debut showcase on July 30th and the AX-Korea.

With 4 more members to go, the fourth member will be revealed on July 19th KST, watch out for the next member and more details on Koreaboo!

Source: AOA

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