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Boy group N:SONIC reveals members and start preparing for debut

Submitted: Aug 30 2011 02:10 PM by Kaye

N:SONIC is a 5 member group who revealed their plans to debut earlier today. This new group took his name from the word "neo", which means "new" and "SONIC". It's been said they have dreams of becoming the second TVXQ and BEAST, seeing they are all talented in a wide range of different areas.

The group's maknae Black J was revealed to be talented in dancing and beatboxing, while he loves to hang out and go shopping. Member Choibyul likes playing piano, and loves hip-hop. Eunho's hobbies include rapping, composing lyrics as well as English language. Jaehwan, or J.Heart, is said to be the leader capable of bringing out great vocal skills. And lastly, Park Jonguk is seen as the group's "face" with various modeling activities and photo spreads in teen magazines before his debut in N:SONIC. He is said to have acting skills, and is interested in China.

They will be debuting with "Super Boy", an upbeat dance track that will bring out both dancing and singing skills from the members. The group is set to make its first appearance shortly and will be revealed through MBC's "Infinity Girls" and ETN's "Hot Shot".

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Black J
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Source: Sports Seoul and Nsonic Daum

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  • Yulide 0 Points

    JonGuk looks like a JaeJoong&ChangMin's baby xDD

    30 August 2011 - 09:38 AM

    • joAnnwashere 1151 Points

      omg LOL he does

      21 November 2011 - 07:31 PM

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