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EXO reveals 20th teaser + photos featuring Chanyeol

Submitted: Feb 23 2012 05:17 AM by Uni

Just yesterday, SM Entertainment's revealed their 19th teaser for their male group EXO's upcoming debut, which featured members Lay, Chen and Baekhyun.

On February 23rd, the agency revealed the group's 20th teaser featuring member Chanyeol, as well as three new images of the member through their YouTube and Facebook accounts.

The background track playing for Chanyeol's teaser was EXO's "El Dorado," and featured Chanyeol in a cabin filled with dead trees and leaves. He finds a rock carved with a symbol, matching the drawing in an old journal he carried around. As he looks up, Chanyeol sees the familiar eclipse that was seen in the last teaser.

Chanyeol is said to be the main rapper of the group and was born in 1992.

EXO-K and EXO-M are SM Entertainment's latest upcoming male group that is set to make a simultaneous debut in both South Korea and China with the same title track. The groups have already released their prologue single, "What Is Love," which is currently available on iTunes.

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Source: EXO-M and SMTOWN

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