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JJ Project debut on M! Countdown with "Bounce"

Submitted: May 24 2012 06:26 PM by fiveseven_

Since the beginning of May, album teasers and concept photos have been released in preparation for JJ Project's debut. With the release of their debut MV "Bounce" earlier this month and their debut mini album release not long afterwards, JJ Project have finally made their live stage debut on tonight's episode of M! Countdown.

Performing "Bounce" for their debut stage, JJ Project showcased their wide variety of styles in their single performance of the night, including nu metal, hip hop, and electrodance. With their fresh debut, JJ Project showcased their charm to the M! Countdown crowd.

Check out JJ Project's M! Countdown debut performance below:

Source: CapsuleHD13

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  • Junkie1209 0 Points

    Love these guys! They are so good and super adorable!

    30 May 2012 - 08:13 PM

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