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J.Tune Camp reveals Two X's faces + debut single details + MV teaser

Submitted: Aug 15 2012 01:00 AM by slidesandswings

After creating much excitement from assorted tweets and five names, J.Tune Camp has finally revealed the faces of their mysterious new group Two X.

Jiyu, Minjoo, Eun, Surin, and Eunyoung are shown in close up photos, dressed in dark, yet elegant clothes. The images focus on the serious and deep stares that each member gives. Even Surin, who is turned away from the camera, is surrounded by an alluring aura.

Additionally, information regarding their debut single has been revealed. This single, titled "Double Up," will be released on August 20th (KST) with the title track to be pre-released on the 16th, the same day as their debut stage. "Double Up" will feature four tracks titled "Initium," "Double Up," "Ring Marks," "뿜 찍고 글랩," as well as an instrumental of the title track, "Double Up."

Finally, the teaser for "Double Up" shows it as a fun, fresh song as the members not only are shown dancing and having fun on a beach, but show off their cheery vocals as well.

Check out the new group's images and video below:

Two X:
Posted Image
Posted Image

"Double Up" MV teaser:

What do you think about Two X so far?

Source: TWOX, @jtune_official and jtunecamp

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  • LehDuff 0 Points

    moheendo omfg

    14 August 2012 - 06:30 PM

  • Princess 105 Points

    Honestly they look different from the picture and video kind of disappointed :/

    14 August 2012 - 09:36 PM

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