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SPEED releases teaser image featuring Sejoon

Submitted: Dec 12 2012 06:00 AM by slidesandswings

After revealing a group image teaser and an individual teaser for Park Boyoung, SPEED has revealed an image teaser featuring member Sejoon.

The sub-group's exciting debut will be on January 9, 2013. The track will feature Park Boyoung and she will be acting in the music video as well.

This first mini-album, titled "It's Over," contains a title track produced by Shinsadong Tiger. Be prepared for this unique, addictive melody and infused with synth sounds and R&B!

In this mysterious teaser, Sejoon is shown wearing a dark violet suit with a lighter purple background. His platinum blond hair contrasts sharply with his dark eyebrows, which are furrowed in concentration. He is wearing many silver and metallic accessories and his hands are put together in front of his chest.

Check out Sejoon's teaser below:

Posted Image

Are you excited for their debut?

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