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The Voice of Korea's Lee Sojung to debut in girl group next month

Submitted: Feb 20 2013 11:15 PM by Kaye

The Voice of Korea contestant and finalist Lee Sojung was revealed to be preparing for her debut in a girl group next month. Polaris Entertainment revealed this earlier today.

The picture revealed along with the press release shows a completely different side of the vocalist who got into the contest's top 8. "You′ll soon be able to see a mature Lee Sojung", a representative of the company revealed, "She′ll be showing different charms from those she showed at her audition."

For her debut in a girl group, Lee Sojung will be joining Birth of the Great Star's Kwon Risae in the line-up. The girl group is set to debut under Polaris Entertainment, home to Kim Bumsoo and Ivy, among others. Other members haven't been officially revealed yet.

Will you be anticipating this new girl group debut?

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Source: BNTnews

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