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Upcoming group M.Pire revealed through Dream Concert performance

Submitted: May 15 2013 08:35 AM by Kaye

It was revealed that boy group M.pire will be debuting soon. Ahead of their official debut, the group was revealed through this year's Dream Concert.

M.pire is Benjamin Entertainment's soon to debut boy group which uses a combination of the words music and vampire, meaning it's impossible to live without music. The group consists out of six members, three of which have already debuted through groups before. Taehee (Leader, '88) and Yooseung (Jino/Seo Younghoon, '90) were members of BB.Boys, a three piece unit which debuted in August 2011. After disbanding some months after their debut, the two members were joined by a longtime and close friend called Hyunjun ('89). It didn't take long for members Jerry, and eventually also Chinese member Red, to be added to the seemingly still growing line-up. More recently, it was revealed that the group's mysterious sixth member was in fact Kangon (Jang Hyeon, '89), who was a member of M.Peror.

While member Yooseung is currently starring in "Hundred Year Inheritance," it is also known that Jerry (Moon Youngseo) used to be part of Doctor K, a six member boy group which was set to debut under Dona Entertainment. The project dissolved before the group's first release.

M.pire is set to debut in June. More information surrounding the group's debut hasn't been revealed yet.

Source: Daily Sports and mpireboys

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