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Girls' Generation Yoona's character transformation for "Love Rain" revealed

Submitted: Mar 10 2012 04:54 PM by ohgelie

After revealing Jang Geunsuk's character transformation yesterday, "Love Rain" unveiled a new photo featuring Girls' Generation's Yoona. In previously released photos, Yoona played the role of Kim Yoonhee, a timid and innocent character from the 1970s, who falls in love with Jang Geunsuk's character, Seo Inha.

This time, Yoona revealed her transformation as the modern and bubbly Kim Hana, the daughter of Kim Yoonhee, set in the present times. Yoona was featured showing a bright smile as they filmed in the snow in Hokkaido, Japan.

"Love Rain" is reported to have completed filming for their scenes set in the 1970s and is currently shooting scenes of the characters in 2012. The scene taken from Hokkaido, Japan reveals the first meeting of Jang Geunsuk and Yoona's second roles.

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Source: Star News and Hancinema

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