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Jang Geunsuk's new drama "Love Rain" plot and character information released

Submitted: Aug 09 2011 04:30 AM by Uni

According to Tree J. Company, Jang Geunsuk has chosen his next drama role. The actor will be the male lead of upcoming drama, tentatively titled "Love Rain." Filming for the drama will begin in September and will be a collaboration effort between director Yoon Sukho and scenarist Oh Sooyeon, who has worked on hit dramas such as "Autumn Tale" and "Winter Sonata."

Director Yoon Sukho said, "I was sad at first since Jang Geunsuk couldn't take part of 'Love Rain' due to his busy schedule but later signed on after he adjusted his activities because we needed plenty of time to prepare for the series."

In a press released, Jang Geunsuk said that he was happy to take part of the drama and that he was honored to have been chosen. In addition, he voiced out his admiration for Yoon Sukho.

It has also been announced that Jang Geunsuk will not only have one role, but two roles as Seon Inha, the father, and Seojoon, the son. "Love Rain" tells the tale of Seon Inha who will do anything for the woman he loves during the 1970s, while Seojoon is a programmer who lives a free lifestyle in the present.

"Love Rain" is set to air early next year. Are you looking forward to another Jang Geunsul-led drama?

Source: 10Asia

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