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Koreaboo Staff Music Picks: Song of the Year 20...

2013 was filled with an abundance of debuts, comebacks, concerts, and relationships, as well as some unfavorable news. However, without a doubt, there were thousands of Korean songs released this year!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossibl... Continue reading

[Updated] SMROOKIES: SM Entertainment's pre...

SM Entertainment has been releasing video and photo teasers for its new pre-debut team, SMROOKIES.

So far, fans have been introduced to Jeno (13), Seulgi (19), Jaehyun (16), Irene (22), Lami (10), and Taeyong (18). The videos show us a gl... Continue reading

EDITORIAL: Drama Review -- "City Hunter"

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "City Hunter", with particularly large spoilers clearly marked. If you do not wish to be spoiled, read at your own risk (Although the author has tried her best to write a spoiler-free review).

I...read more

Submitted: Aug 05 2011 08:39 PM by orchid


Sunny Hill has been shocking the Korean music scene with their original, yet sometimes weird, concepts from the group's last two singles and music videos. Although the group suddenly gained attention following their appearances in the solo debut perfor...read more

Submitted: Aug 05 2011 05:50 PM by Kaye

EDITORIAL: Movie Review -- "My Black Mini D...

"My Black Mini Dress", released on March 24 of this year, gained a lot of attention based on the casting alone. With a star-studded lineup of Yoon Eunhye, Park Hanbyul, Cha Yaeryun, and Yoo Inna, among many other veteran actors and actresses, the movie...read more

Submitted: Jul 30 2011 01:57 AM by Nielle

EDITORIAL: Korean Cuisine-The Korean way to war...

Ahh Summer! A season for beaches, vacations, and sunburns. It's a wonderful time when we don't have to do anything. However, there's the heat which causes us to dislike Summer and the rising temperatures it brings with it.

To combat the he...read more

Submitted: Jul 29 2011 08:05 PM by Leah

SPOTLIGHT: Compilation of spotlights from the f...

Since the beginning of this year, Koreaboo has been putting out special editorials under the name "SPOTLIGHT" to gather the readers' attention for lesser known and underrated artists. As Kpop fans, you might have even noticed such artists yourselves as...read more

Submitted: Jul 22 2011 09:25 PM by Kaye

SPOTLIGHT: Zhang Liyin

Up until now, we’ve only talked about groups, but right now it’s time for solo artist Zhang Liyin (Jang Ri In in Korea) to be put into the SPOTLIGHT. This 22-year-old originally came from China but moved to Korea after accompanying a friend to a singin...read more

Submitted: Jul 14 2011 10:00 PM by Kaye

SPOTLIGHT: CSJH The Grace, SM Entertainment...

While SM Entertainment has its big artists everyone knows of and everyone loves, there are those that are forgotten by the company itself. While we addressed Trax's history in the latest Spotlight, this week’s Spotlight is reserved for the girl group w...read more

Submitted: Jun 29 2011 09:11 PM by Kaye

The fan war for official idol group colors cont...

Due to a decreasing amount of available colors and an increasing amount of idols, fan clubs are turning to other alternatives. Instead of using colored balloons, fans are using glowsticks to represent themselves at concerts. But even this isn’t enough ...read more

Submitted: Jun 22 2011 03:26 AM by Lucy

EDITORIAL: Are you ready for another round of u...

Three months ago we posted an article on upcoming boy groups. Seeing as the list is still going strong and more boy groups keep getting added every day, another line-up of upcoming debuts was more than welcome. Not counting the boy groups that were alr...read more

Submitted: Jun 21 2011 06:50 PM by Kaye

EDITORIAL: Fanboy & Fangirl review f(x)...

As we make our way into the hot summer tracks (pun may or may not be intended), we say goodbye to one of the biggest songs this year from BEAST, and we move onto what will become another huge success for f(x) with their newest release "Hot Summer" stra...read more

Submitted: Jun 20 2011 12:01 AM by MrCKDexter

SPOTLIGHT: Trax, Kpop's first try at managi...

This week's SPOTLIGHT will be going for a more rockier feel than the previous ones. With Trax's 7th anniversary as a band coming up, their history in one of Korea's biggest companies needs to be looked in to.

Ever since 2000, SM Entertain...read more

Submitted: Jun 17 2011 10:55 AM by Kaye

EDITORIAL: Drama Recap & Review: "The W...

Spoiler Warning: The editorial/review contains spoilers about the drama. Please do not read on if you do not wish to be spoiled.

After watching Korean dramas like "You're Beautiful" and "Lie to Me," I decided that it was time for a change....read more

Submitted: Jun 16 2011 06:40 PM by Nielle

EDITORIAL: Fanboy & Fangirl's Rookie Ro...

Fangirl (MrCKDexter): The first half of 2011 saw so many new K-pop debuts that one could truly wonder where the entertainment companies found them all.

This season's crop yielded a wide variety of ambitious concepts, styles, and talents to...read more

Submitted: Jun 13 2011 01:01 AM by MrCKDexter

EDITORIAL: Drama Recap & Review: "Obste...

Spoiler Warning: The editorial/review contains spoilers about the drama. Please do not read on if you do not wish to be spoiled.

After finishing "Life is Beautiful" not too long ago, I decided to continue on and watch another Korean drama....read more

Submitted: Jun 10 2011 02:00 AM by Matty

Drama Recap & Review: "Life is Beautifu...

Spoiler Warning: The editorial/review contains spoilers about the drama. Please do not read on if you do not wish to be spoiled.

A few days ago, I finished a wonderful Korean drama called "Life is Beautiful (인생은 아름다워)." The SBS drama broad...read more

Submitted: Jun 02 2011 05:30 PM by Matty

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