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[EDITORIAL/RECAP] Jungle Entertainment's "The Jungle Concert in LA" rocks the Wiltern

Submitted: Dec 13 2011 11:40 PM by Nero

When announced back in November, the news that Jungle Entertainment, home to renowned rapper/founder Tiger JK (of Drunken Tiger) and more, swept through LA steadily, resulting in a capacity-crowd at the famed Wiltern Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.

After an introduction by Mnet LA (co-promoter of the show), singer Jung In took to the stage to kick-off the concert. With her powerful voice and tone, she sent shivers down spines and shook the building with her wide range and beautiful lyrics during her 20-minute set.

Up next was the only "group" of the night, Leesaang, composed of Gary and Gil, who readers may know from shows such as "Running Man" and SNSD's "Hello Baby." Both clad in dark outfits and shades, they powered through 45-minutes of material, including "Lovin' You," which the crowd heartily sang along to, and several songs featured the reappearance of Jung In. During their intros, Gil took pleasure in pouring a water bottle over Gary's head, leading Gary to utter "Stress!" to the delight of the crowd. As a measure of revenge for this, Gary stole Gil's hat, leaving the singers' bald head exposed, which Gary doused with water for good measure.

A brief curtain-call was all the intermission necessary, and Bizzy took the stage with a freestyle rap that notably name-checked Jay Park, calling him as "one of the guys." His call-and-response antics with the crowd were well-received.

While Bizzy was still on-stage, the words "DRUNKEN TIGER" flashed on the monitor, leading to a roar of applause as Tiger JK himself stepped out for the first time that night. The pair did two songs together, before bringing out Koreatown native and fan-favorite Dumbfoundead, along with fellow rapper Steve Jones, to rap "Rockets on our Back." Afterwords, Dumbfoundead spoke about what an honor it was to be on-stage performing with somebody he idolized, and ended his appearance with "WEST COAST BABY!" Two songs later, the pair surprised the audience again by bringing out Jay Park to a raucous applause. Afterwards, Jay Park thanked them for inviting him to perform at such a monumental event.

Bizzy and Tiger JK took a quick breather before introducing Tiger JK's wife, famed rapper Yoon Mirae/Tasha, who announced early on, "I am a little bit tipsy," but showed no signs of that when launching into her trademark explosive raps. Tiger JK also pumped up the crowd by explaining the meaning of one song. He explained, "This song is about not letting anyone stop you, and doing what you want to do!" The trio held the stage for 30-minutes, accompanied at points by Jung In and Tasha's producer Ann, before bowing out as the lights dimmed.

After several minutes of encore chanting, Tasha, Tiger JK and Bizzy appeared again for the final song, capped off by the blasting of Christmas-themed confetti by the 2 cannons on-stage. With a final bow, the lights went on, and the show ended.

Overall, the concert was a great success for Jungle Entertainment, CJ E&M, and for all those in attendance. Many leaving the concert clamored that they hoped it would be a yearly thing, and one can hope that it indeed turns out to be an annual event.

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    Ann's not Tasha's producer.

    13 December 2011 - 09:57 PM

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