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SPOTLIGHT: Able (Eunsujung)

Submitted: Sep 21 2012 06:20 PM by Kaye

After taking a break for a couple months, I'm back with the SPOTLIGHT series. As a reminder, the SPOTLIGHT articles talk about the lesser known groups who have been around for a while, and who also have an interesting history. Passing along before have been groups such as The Boss, Supernova, SHU-I, SMASH, Sunny Hill, Code-V, The Grace, and DNT, next to solo artists Zhang Liyin, Tasha, and Gummy, and rock artists Trax and Moon Heejun.

For this next addition to the series, I searched my way through the K-Pop depths to find out more about boy group Able and its members. With the recent release of their first full length album and the corresponding music video, this was the perfect time to shed some light on the group and their history.

Before debut
While Able debuted as a trio in 2010, member Lee Juho had already debuted previously, as a member of Guiness. They debuted in 2008 as a four member group and were heading the R&B/Soul way. After only two singles, "믿었어" and "Rainy Day," the group disappeared.

Able debuted early November 2010 under richworld with the release of their first digital single "Jugeunsarang" or "Dead Love." During the time of their debut, the group consisted of members Lee Hyochan ('90), Lee Juho ('88), and Park Chulwoong ('89). Though coming from a small label, the members were noted for their original approach, ending with them being dubbed as "the next best thing." The R&B trio mixed in live guitar playing with their vocal talents to show a side that the music scene wasn't familiar with. Because of this, they were complimented by people in the industry who said they were like the next 4MEN based on their strong vocals and touching ballads.

Their first single release consisted of two different tracks, with its title track being a song about a person who was longing for a previous love who left him, and how he ends up struggling but not able to turn back the time to the days that were better.

"Dead Love" MV

First EP: "Impact"
Little over a year later the group returned with the release of their first mini album or EP called "Impact." Able returned with a bit of a line-up change, after maknae and guitarist Lee Hyochan left the group and they were left as a duo.

The EP's title track "Only The Words I Love You" was written by labelmate and singer Rich. They performed the song a few times on different music shows though never really got the opportunity to promote a lot.

"Only The Words I Love You" Live Performance

"Only The Words I Love You" MV

New member additions
In early 2012, Able was featured at a Lotte event. On the event's poster, they were shown as a five member group and with a little bit of snooping around by fans it was discovered that the duo was joined by three new members called Taeho, Sungmin, and Jiyeoul.

Not long after that event, however, it was noted that member Taeho had withdrawn from the group. Member Juho himself also updated his own cyworld with a picture and caption "Maknae Jiyeoul and I," confirming the addition of new members to the group.

The sudden posts with new members made fans anticipate the group's comeback but it wasn't until this summer that plans started to come to the surface. More recently, Able announced their return with the release of various teasers in the form of concept and behind-the-scenes pictures, as well as a music video teaser for their newest song "Mystery."

Along with the release of "Mystery" teasers and pictures, two new members were also officially revealed to have been added to the original two member line-up.

Jiyeoul and Sungmin were originally part of the hip-hop group T.Flo, which is under Sunmul Entertainment. They held auditions for new members after their own maknae T.E.N left the group. After having been known to search for a rapper and a vocalist, it was announced that Sungmin and Jiyeoul were added to their member line-up. Joining Able later the same year gave the R&B group a new additional sound with powerful raps by Jiyeoul, and strong vocals by Sungmin.

"I Hate You"

2012 comeback
Even though they debuted with a more R&B and ballad style, their newest song revealed a 180° turn with them focusing on an up-tempo dance song instead. As earlier mentioned, both new members added their own flair to Able's songs, with Jiyeoul's rapping being put in the spotlight.

"Mystery" is the title track to the group's first full length album which featured re-recordings of the group's older songs as well as two new additions in the form of "Mystery" and "I Hate You." It was released early September.

"Mystery" Live Performance

"Mystery" MV

Source: Unsung Byul, fish1992070415, arupang, SBSMusic1, simhy5 and 3matin3

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