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SPOTLIGHT: Gummy (YG Entertainment)

Submitted: Oct 14 2011 10:32 PM by Kaye

Big Bang and 2NE1 are, together with Se7en, the biggest contemporary assets of YG Entertainment. In the past, however, YG was known as a company that housed a few of the most well known R&B and Hip Hop groups, including Jinusean, 1TYM, and solo singer Gummy. While the first two groups haven't been on stage for a while, Gummy has been releasing music over the years, though many fans of the popular Kpop groups aren't aware of who she is. Her name, which literally means spider, was chosen in order for the singer to be able to captivate people in her web of music.

Influenced by her mother at the young age of six, she started learning how to play the piano. It's said that if she hadn't become a singer, she would have been a pianist instead.

Gummy was originally part of M-Boat, an agency under YG Entertainment, which had also turned Wheesung into the star he is right now. While she was part of the agency, she stood at the sidelines of Wheesung's career not only as his vocal coach, but also as his girlfriend at the time.

It took her close to seven years before eventually releasing her own solo album in 2003. In the same year, she had also participated in a live album with popular newcomers such as Wheesung, Se7en, and Big Mama, who had gathered together to present past hits as well as songs of their own upcoming albums.

"If You Come Back" from "Like Them" (2003)

Gummy made her debut under YG Entertainment with her first full length album "Like Them" in 2003 and went on to release her second full length, "It's Different," just a year later. The album went on to sell more than 100,000 copies and got her the "Best Album" award at the Golden Disc Awards.

After the release of her third album "For the Bloom" in 2005, Gummy went on to prepare for her next album. In the meantime, YG Entertainment debuted a new boy group onto the Korean music scene, Big Bang. Gummy herself has had various collaborations over the years, including tracks with Big Bang members G-Dragon and TOP.

Around 2006, the singer released an unplugged album, featuring many of her old hits with a fresh audio face. The release made her one of the first Korean singers to release an unplugged version of previous work.

Comeback with TOP
As an artist, Gummy wanted to grow and show a perfect release with her fourth album. After preparing for nearly three years, editing the songs until she felt the album was perfect, "Comfort" was released in March of 2008. Its lead single, "Sorry," featured Big Bang's TOP. He was also featured in the music video together with 2NE1's Dara, who at the time was still just a trainee.

"Sorry (Feat. TOP)" from "Comfort"

A year after the collaboration with TOP, Gummy appeared as a guest vocal on labelmate Goo Hyesun's first instrumental release "Goo Hyesun Sketchbook – Breathe." The mini album consisted of seven tracks, all composed by the actress herself. Only one track, "Around the Alley," featured vocals.

"Around the Alley" by Goo Hyesun feat. Gummy

2010 - YG Family Concert

In the recent years, it's been quite silent around the solo singer, as her only releases have been tracks for OST albums. With YG hinting at a comeback, but it never actually happening, fans started to get worried. In the beginning of 2010, the company eventually released an announcement on the solo singer's comeback, saying she would come back with a mini album called "Loveless."

"There Is No Love" from "Loveless"

With the collaboration of YG Entertainment and AVEX, one of Japan's biggest labels, YGEX was created. A whole series of Japanese releases by YG Family members were revealed during the months after the creation of the joint company. One of those was Gummy's Japanese debut mini album.

Around 2007, Gummy left for Japan in order to get a hold of the Japanese culture and broaden her knowledge of the language. Ever since then she is said to have been waiting for the day she would be able to debut in Japan, and has remained nervous when recording songs for the new release. The mini album's title track, "Sorry," is a remake of an earlier released Korean song together with Big Bang member TOP. Next to "Sorry," the album features another five songs, including "Love," "Love Recipe," "LOVE IS A LIE," "I Want to Forget," and "Beautiful You," centering the concept of the album around love, or in this case the album's title "Loveless."

"Sorry (Japanese Version)" from "Loveless"

Name: Park Jiyeon
Birthdate: April 8, 1981
Entertainment Company: YG Entertainment

2003 - Full album "Like Them"
2004 - Full album "It's Different"
2005 - Full album "For the Bloom"
2006 - Unplugged album "Unplugged"
2008 - Full album "Comfort"
2010 - Mini album "Loveless"
2011 - Japanese debut mini album "Loveless"

Source: cing1092387456, YGEntertainment, ruthie08, iHeartSandara, ctinabby

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