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SPOTLIGHT: Tasha/Yoon Mirae (Jungle Entertainment)

Submitted: Nov 22 2011 04:00 PM by Kaye

After having had only two soloists in the SPOTLIGHT series before, it's time for another one -- Tasha. Though most of the older Kpop fans will know who she is and what she's capable of, many of the new listeners haven't had the opportunity to see her in action before.

Tasha Reid, also known under her Korean name Yoon Mirae, was born to a South Korean mother and an African American father. Through the years, she’s had to face various times in which she was discriminated and looked down upon because she was different than most Koreans.

She made her debut in Korea at the age of 16 with a group called Uptown. The group made hip hop and R&B songs, and debuted in 1997. The group's original members included Steve Kim, Chris Jung, Carlos Galvan, and of course, Tasha herself. After having gone through some line-up changes, they disbanded in 2000, but came back with a new release and a line-up without Tasha in 2006.

Later, Tasha and Annie formed the hip-hop and R&B duo Tashannie in 1999.
While Annie was the rapper of the group, Tasha took the vocal spot. The duo's first and only album, "Parallel Prophecies", was released in 1999.

After only a short career as a duo, the group disbanded. It's been said that both members were on different sidetracks when thinking about the future of the group and decided to break up instead.

Solo Career
Though Tasha is best known for being a rapper, she is also an outstanding vocalist. She had her solo debut and the start of her solo career under the moniker T in 2001, and went on to win various awards for her works and albums. Because of her outstanding rap and vocal skills, Tasha grew to be an influential rapper in South Korea, and is now known as the “Queen of Soul”.

Her first album, "As Time Goes By", was revealed in 2001, while the second one, "Gemini", was released only a year later in 2002. A "best of" album, simply titled "Best", was released in 2003.

Tasha was forced to halt her career when a legal battle between her and her former label, World Music, arose. After a three year hiatus, Jungle Entertainment announced that they had signed Tasha and that she would be finally releasing her 3rd album in 2007. This album, titled "Yoonmirae", had a strict R&B sound.

Black Happiness from Yoonmirae (2007)

Private life
In 2007, Tasha married Tiger JK, a member of Drunken Tiger. Together, they had a child whom they named Jordan. Just like his wife, Tiger JK grew up in the United States. He later went on and founded Jungle Entertainment, known for its hip-hop and rap acts. Both Tasha and Tiger JK are still part of the company up to date.

Together with her family, Tasha has been featured in multiple interviews and photoshoots, including a VOGUE shoot in the beginning of this year and CFs for The Body Shop.

In 2010, Tasha and Tiger JK won the 2010 Mnet Award for being the "Most Influential Couple". At the same award show, though a year earlier, Tasha was featured along with girl group rappers in a stage performance of Tasha’s earlier released song “Pay Day”. The performance included 4minute’s Jiyoon and Hyuna, Brown Eyed Girls’s Miryo and Jewelry’s Baby J.

Tasha appears around 4:30.

Tasha was also featured in many different collaborations with many different artists, including the recent Leessang track. "Turned Off the TV". Project group Sunzoo also consisted of the rapper/vocalist herself, her husband Tiger JK and other international hiphoppers.

She has also been featured on many different live shows, including one with her husband, Tiger JK, and rappers Bizzy and Palo Alto for a Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook performance at the end of 2010. An older performance included one with Yoon Dohyun in which they covered Eminem and Dido’s "Stan".

Earlier this year, Tasha was confirmed as one of the new judges for the third season of Super Star K. Not that long after the news was confirmed, it was also revealed that both Tiger JK and Tasha were working on comeback material.

To bridge the gap between her last full length album, “Yoonmirae”, in 2007, Tasha revealed a few singles with the addicting “Get It In” as the most recent addition.

In anticipation for this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards, Tasha also worked together with DJ Koo to create the theme song for this year’s edition. “Music Makes One” was revealed in early November, while the award show itself is planned for later this week.

Source: TheCreatorsProject, AsianDream2016, danbi, kimyonsama

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    Great spotlight; I love Tasha!

    22 November 2011 - 02:34 PM

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    She's forever my favourite.

    22 November 2011 - 03:06 PM

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