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Suddenly Sundays #4: "Beginner's Luck" by Peppertones

Submitted: Sep 17 2012 12:46 AM by slidesandswings

Suddenly Sundays is back with a quick trip back to an upbeat release from the summer. The drag of the year has begun as we've hit the final quarter of 2012. What better way to combat it than with some nice jams?

The race to beat the clock is back as the weekend comes to a close and Monday is just around the corner. This fast paced song will be sure to bring up your mood!

This week's feature is "Beginner's Luck" by Peppertones. As the title track off their latest full length album, "Beginner's Luck" is highlighted by the energizing and consistent drum rhythms as well as fresh electric guitar melodies.

Let go of your stresses for a brief four minutes as the cleansing sound of the duo's song relaxes your mind. The climaxing notes of the orchestral strings at the end of the song create a light feeling in the background. This full sound ends, leaving a feeling of recharge and peace.

Sunday doesn’t seem so sudden anymore, eh?

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Source: vanessa10619

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