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[RECAP] MBC Korean Music Wave in Google

Submitted: May 22 2012 09:45 AM by Eggyone

On the afternoon of May 21st, many of Korea's hottest K-Pop artists gathered for a concert in Mountain View, California. The concert was titled "MBC Korean Music Wave in Google" and was performed at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

The concert was streamed live on YouTube and Koreaboo updated fans through @kbcafe.

Before the concert, the artists were gathered for a "Photo Wall" that was only open to the media. Each group came in and introduced themselves and posed for the media before leaving again. Girls' Generation's Tiffany stated that it felt great to be back home to perform again. You can check out some of the "Photo Wall" pictures in our live coverage article.

The first artist to take the stage was KARA. The members were wearing white outfits with gold designs on them and tall white heels that reached their knees. KARA performed "Step" as the concert's opening track. KARA then greeted fans and Nicole spoke in English. They introduced the MCs for the night, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Tiffany.

MBLAQ was next to take the stage. The members were dressed in white and black suit jackets with black pants. They began with an impressive dance into and their latest hit "This Is War." They then proceeded into one of their original hits, "Y." After their second song, the members of MBLAQ introduced themselves. "Hello, we are MBLAQ. This is our first time in San Francisco, and we are honored to be here." They continued with, "We have prepared so much for the fans so we hope that they really enjoy our show." G.O. commented, "I hear that this show is streamed live worldwide through YouTube Presents, so we are a little nervous. But through the internet, our fans have been able to come close to us, so please enjoy the show. Thunder said, "Our next song is our last song and it is 'Oh Yeah.' If you know the words, I hope you guys sing along with us. Ok? Alright. Let's go! Our next song is 'Oh Yeah.'"

SISTAR was next to hit the stage. For their stage outfits, they wore a combination of black and gold in either a skirt or a dress. They began with a dance intro remix of their latest track, "Alone." After performing "Alone," SISTAR performed "Ma Boy." During their introductions the members said, "Hello, we are SISTAR." Hyorin commented, "We are so happy that we are able to let you guys hear our new song, 'Alone,' live!" Bora commented, "It's our first time introducing this and we specially choreographed it for fans out here. Did you guys like it?" Soyu commented, "I heard that all of the fans at home are watching us at home on the livestream as well. You guys are really enjoying the show, right?" Dasom commented, "It is an honor to be here today with all of you. Thank you for your love and support. Our next song is our third single. Sing along if you guys know the words! Thank you!" SISTAR finished their stage by performing "So Cool."

f(x) was next up on the stage. They wore a combination of prints and black. They began with "Pinocchio (Danger)" and continued straight into "Hot Summer." For their introductions, they said, "This is f(x)," and introduced themselves individually in English. Amber rallied the crowd for more screams and then Luna commented, "Hi I am so happy to be here with the warm welcome from San Francisco. I have heard to much about San Francisco and the United States from Krystal and Amber as they were both born in the United States." Amber commented, "This weather is amazing! How about after the concert, we go to the beach? It's awesome to be back home. My sister is from this area, so shoutout to her." Krystal introduced the next song, "Nu ABO."

After f(x) exited the stage, Taeyeon and Tiffany introduced a special collaboration stage. Wonder Girls member Sunye performed "Father" which was originally by Insooni because her father passed away just a little while ago. Girls' Generation's Seohyun performed "Flying Duck" which was originally by Cherry Filter because she said the song has helped her through the hard days in her life.

KARA hit the stage again, this time to perform their remaining songs. In new black outfits, the members of KARA performed "Lupin." During their introductions, KARA said, "San Fransisco, how are you doing tonight?" Gyrui commented, "Hello everyone, we are back after the short opening show. Did you guys miss us?" I'm so excited to see the fans up-close. It's surreal. Thank you." Seungyeon commented, "Especially because of the fact that K-Pop fans are watching us through YouTube. Yes, I heard that the fever is spreading worldwide. It's both exciting and makes us nervous." KARA then finished off their performance at the concert with "Mister."

Next on the stage was BEAST! The members of BEAST were dressed in grey suit jackets with metal decorations and black leather pants. BEAST began their stage with their hit track, "Shock," and continued with their latest hit track, "Fiction," before introducing themselves. BEAST commented, "So Beast! Hello, we are BEAST!" Hyunseung commented, "Yes, we have been traveling with our 'BEAUTIFUL SHOW' in Germany, Singapore, and Japan, but the heat here is the greatest out of all of them." Junhyung commented, "Did you know that the concert is to celebrate the content distribution agreement between Google, YouTube, and MBC?" Doojoon commented, "Yes, through YouTube's MBC channel, it will provide our K-Pop performances through high quality videos. If you guys could log in an view them, it would be great." Yoseob commented, "Yes, so if you guys want to see our performance once again, you can go watch it online again." Dongwoon commented, "To all of the viewers watching this concert online, hello! I promise that we will soon meet up with you guys through the 'BEAUTIFUL TOUR.'" Kikwang finished off with, "To match the beautiful San Fransisco, we will perform our track, 'BEAUTIFUL.'" BEAST then finished off their performance at the concert with their hit track, "BEAUTIFUL."

Girls' Generation followed next. The members were wearing navy blue outfits with gold sequins on them. They performed "The Boys" in English and then introduced themselves. Girls' Generation performed as seven at tonight's concert because Yoona and Yuri are filming their dramas in Korea. They commented, "Hello, we are Girls' Generation." Sooyoung asked how the audience was feeling and if they wanted to have more fun. Sooyoung commented, "Maybe it's because all of the top K-Pop stars are here today, but the crowd is amazing tonight." Jessica said, "San Fransisco is really a special city to me because I was born and raised here. I am really happy to be back here with the girls and performing at this event tonight. I hope you guys have fun at this event." Tiffany said, "Sadly, there is only seven of us tonight. Yoona and Yuri are performing their dramas. You guys need to give us your energy because we are missing two girls tonight. You guys have to be Yoona and Yuri." Girls' Generation then performed "Mr. Taxi" in Korean and then ended with their mega-hit, "Gee."

The Wonder Girls came onto the stage next. They were wearing simple white dresses with a blue dot design on them. They performed their Korean version of "Be My Baby" and then "Tell Me." For their introductions, they said, "Hello, we are the Wonder Girls." Sunye said, "Are you guys having a good time." Hyelim said, "We have been touring around different places and countries, and every town we get to perform on stage, we feel so blessed. Especially today, we are here at the MBC Korean Wave in Google concert with other K-Pop artists. Thank you so much for having us." Sohee commented, "The next song we are going to sing I suppose everyone knows this song. But, before we sing the song, I would like to teach you how to do the 'Nobody' dance." The members of the Wonder Girls then taught the audience how to do the dance. The Wonder Girls then ended their performance at the concert with "Nobody" in English.

Super Junior was the next group to take the stage. The members of Super Junior were wearing white and grey suit jackets with black pants. Only a few members started out on the stage while the other members made entrances from the sides of the venue, and ended up coming down the middle stairs. They performed "Superman" and their latest hit title track, "Mr. Simple." They then introduced themselves by saying, "Hello, we are Super Junior." Each of the members then introduced themselves in English. Super Junior performed with eight members at tonight's concert. Leeteuk played with the crowd by saying, "My name is.....(Leeteuk), my name is .... (Leeteuk)." When the audience filled in his name, he commented, "Wow! Geniuses." Leeteuk then continued by saying, "There are a lot of people and we are exited to hear the screams." Eunhyuk asked, "Can you guys see us all the way back there?" Leeteuk commented, "We are honored to be on the stage right now. It is streaming live through YouTube. Would you guys like to be on YouTube worldwide? Say hi to the camera! You guys are now popular! We are almost finished with the show, don't your throats hurt? Is it okay? Aren't you guys cold?" Eunhyuk finished with, "I heard the song that we will finish with is loved worldwide." Leeteuk said, "We just came back from Los Angeles, and there it was lovely, but here is even better. I feel like we should have come here earlier. Should we come here more often? I heard that the song we will performing cannot be watched while sitting down." Leeteuk then commented, "We will be finishing with 'Sorry Sorry.'"

TVXQ finished up the show as the last group to perform. They wore black and silver jackets and black pants. Changmin and Yunho began their performance with their hit title track, "Why? (Keep Your Head Down)." They then continued with "Know This (Before U Go)." Yunho and Changmin commented, "Hello, we are TVXQ. Nice to meet you." Yunho said, "Are you guys having fun tonight? Are you ready? Are you ready?" Yunho continued with, "We just finished our concert in Los Angeles and flew up here today but because of the fans and cheering, we can not even feel the exhaustion." Changmin commented, "Thank you. We will continue to do our best as TVXQ. Please continue to support us!" Changmin introduced the next song by saying, "Are you guys ready? Ok? Let's Go!" They then finished off the concert with their hit track, "Rising Sun."

All of the members of KARA, MBLAQ, f(x), SISTAR, BEAST, Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, and TVXQ then came back on stage to sing "Arirang."

The concert lasted approximately two and a half hours and was completely filled up. Thank you to those of you who followed our live tweets on @kbcafe!

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