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2PM's Taecyeon sustains a left arm fracture

Submitted: May 16 2012 10:30 PM by ohgelie

2PM's Taecyeon is reported to have sustained a fracture on his left arm while in Japan. JYP Entertainment confirmed the news on 2PM's homepage today stating that Taecyeon was rushed to the hospital last night after breaking his left humerus, or upper arm. It was also revealed that he sustained the injury while arm wrestling with his fellow members.

Taecyeon received the diagnosis from a hospital in Japan and will also get another thorough examination on his return to South Korea today. JYP Entertainment will talk about his upcoming activities once the final examination from his doctors is received.

Meanwhile, aside from preparing for their comeback in South Korea, 2PM is also set to release their 4th Japanese single, "Beautiful," on June 6th.

Source: 10Asiae

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  • 2pmlove 0 Points

    aw poor taec! hope he gets better soon! 2PM FIGHTING!

    17 May 2012 - 08:37 PM

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