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A-PRINCE releases "Hello" choreography video

Submitted: Nov 28 2012 04:41 PM by Uni

A-PRINCE finally made their debut with their mini-album "Hello" at the beginning of the month and has been working hard to promote the album since then, making their official debut on the main music shows.

On November 29th, A-PRINCE revealed their official choreography practice video to fans, which begins with a rather adorable intro. The members are seen pointing at the camera, showing off their aegyo before the everything fast forwards to the group preparing for their dance practice of their title track "Hello."

After showcasing their fun and upbeat choreography, A-PRINCE ends the performance as normal, waving their hands "hello," but quite vigorously, showing their excitement before walking up to the camera to bid fans adieu.

Have you been enjoying A-PRINCE's promotions?

Source: NEWPLANETwebsmater

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