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Actress Kim Ahjoong worked with Jackie Chan in the past?

Submitted: Dec 05 2012 10:46 PM by happyazngirl08

Popular Korean actress Kim Ahjoong recently revealed that she had once worked with Jackie Chan to achieve her dream of becoming a singer.

Kim Ahjoong revealed this interesting fact during her appearance on the MBC show "MBC Section TV Entertainment Relay." The actress stated that she had collaborated with Jackie Chan on preparations for her debut as a singer, but she eventually gave up when she realized that there were too many complications that would prevent her from becoming a successful singer.

Kim Ahjoong also revealed that when she was still struggling to become a singer, she would go to as many as twelve auditions a day in the hopes of achieving her dream. The actress confessed that she really loved music and could not help but dance whenever she heard a good tune.

Although Kim Ahjoong never debuted as a singer, she has still made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as she has starred in numerous popular films such as "200 Pound Beauty." Currently, she is preparing for the release of her new film "My PS Partner," which is a romantic comedy that also stars popular actor Jisung.

Source: The AJU Business and Korea Star Daily

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