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After School appears in Japanese magazines Anan, Steady, and Non-No

Submitted: Sep 22 2011 03:45 PM by orchid

As part of their ongoing Japanese promotions, After School has appeared in three Japanese magazines: Anan, Steady, and Non-No. The girl group has already had an action-packed start in the country, releasing their first single, "Bang!" in August, appearing in their first CF shortly after, and scoring a partnership with Hello Kitty. Their appearances in these magazines included short pictorials and interviews.

In Anan Magazine, each member was asked the same two questions: "Please tell us the 'ideal woman' you’re aiming to be" and "What kind of things are you doing/putting effort into to become this 'ideal woman'?" The group gave health and beauty tips in Non-no Magazine, and had a more straightforward interview in Steady Magazine.

Before After School releases their second Japanese single, subgroup Orange Caramel is set for a comeback in October. Check out the pictorials and read the full interviews from all three magazines below:

Anan Magazine

Note: The bolded text is the magazine describing each member's unique talents.

Q1. A woman who can take care of herself and tries her best at anything. I don’t think appearance is important, but when I see someone with a soft expression and a bright smile, I think “she’s an ideal woman.”
Q2. Work hard at my job and keep an open mind/be ready to learn. Recently, I’ve been reading books and magazines of various genres to brush up my inner-self.
Bright and loved for her slightly air-headed (but not in a bad way) personality, she’s experiencing success in variety shows.

Q1. Continuing to work even after marrying and having a kid. I want to become an amazing woman by learning from the experiences and hardwork I accumulate.
Q2. The wonderful thing about Korean women is that no matter the marriage status or age, they don’t falter in their efforts to look beautiful. I want to learn from that mental strength and dedication/determination.
Appeared in the drama “You’re Beautiful,” and is experiencing success as an actress and an MC for a TV program.

Q1. A woman who has both consideration for everyone around and confidence. Conviction is necessary to have confidence, and I think conviction comes from hardwork, so you could say a woman who works hard.
Q2. I try to always interact with people with a smile on my face. I also do body massages, use face masks, exercise, and dance for confidence.
The group’s main vocal, possessing an excellent singing ability.

Q1. A woman who is confident and always has her head on straight. In terms of artists, I would say Beyonce. On stage, she’s always confident and powerful, but when she’s not, she’s calm and kind. I think that gap is nice.
Q2. Appearance-wise, I exercise, do stretches, and drink lots of water. As for my inner-self, I guess meditation.
The leader and the group’s emotional pillar. Famous as “an abs beauty".

Q1. A woman who goes for her dreams. A person with dreams is appealing and has a glow about them. As a side note, my dream right now is “to become an influential singer". For that, I’m doing voice quality correction.
Q2. Singing practice and image training. When I imagine myself as having become an “ideal woman,” it lifts my mood and singing practice goes smoother too.
Is very considerate, and the fans love her and call her “mom".

Q1. Has a sense of pride in her work, works diligently everyday, but enjoys herself to the fullest when it’s time to have fun. I look up to women who are able to conduct themselves with confidence no matter what they’re doing.
Q2. I’ve been interested in makeup since I was in my teens, and got my makeup and skincare license. I want to cherish the beauty of skin and facial features/bone structures I was born with as a Korean woman, and work on myself to become beautiful.
Was chosen this year in Korea as the woman with the most beautiful figure.

Q1. I want to become a mature woman who is strong, full of confidence, and able to think positively that something good will always happen even when faced with troubles and hardships.
Q2. My parents have always told me, “Always challenge yourself and enjoy everything.” This advice applies to everything in life, so I want to continue growing as a woman and as a human being.
A talented 19 year old who can play the electric guitar, drums, and piano.

Q1. Rather than being told pretty, I want to become an appealing/charming woman. My goal is to become a personality who is approachable and loved by everyone, like the famous American host Oprah Winfrey.
Q2. Ever since I was little, I’ve been trying out makeup and various hairstyle and studying techniques that make me look prettiest. I’m starting to become confident because of my efforts.
A 19 year old with a bright personality who introduces herself as “ditzy Lizzy".

Steady Magazine

Steady: The coolest girl group debuts in Japan.
A group of beautiful girls that show a marching band performance in costumes that create a big impact. A K-Pop girl group that displays high level dances and performances with their model-like figures. With an offer from Amuro Namie-san, they participated in a music video in Amuro-san’s “Checkmate!” before they debuted in Japan.

Kahi: Being able to work together with Amuro-san, a favorite of mine, is an unforgettable experience. We were able to let people in Japan know about us too. I’d like to definitely meet her again.

Nana: The overflowing energy from her small body was amazing. I’ve been idolizing her since I was little.

Steady: There were a lot of female fans at the showcase held before their Japan debut.

Kahi: There were even girls who were dressed as us! There were also some who started crying because they were emotionally excited, and I thought how cuuute~.

Uee: I was also happy that they tried their best to talk to us in Korean.

Steady: Uee appeared in the Korean drama “You’re Beautiful”, which was also a huge hit in Japan, as the stuck-up Yoo Heyi.

Uee: As I was shopping in Harajuku, a fan came up to me and surprised me. I thought nobody in Japan knew about me. The drama must be popular in Japan too. Jang Geunsuk, who co-starred with me, gave me acting tips since it was my first drama and tried to get everyone to have a good time. He was wonderful.

Steady: In “Let’s Do It!”, they show a perfectly in sync performance using real marching drums. This performance is really innovative and fresh!

Nana: We learned from how to hold the sticks (laughs). We practiced 8 hours a day for 8-9 months for our movements to be perfectly in sync. It was really difficult!

Uee: We get bruises because the drums hit our thighs.

Jooyeon: But we’re working hard to show everyone an amazing performance!

Steady: So it’s a performance that’s built upon hardwork. Are their beauty also a result of hardwork? We asked Kahi, who possesses marvelous abs, and Nana, who appeared in a super model competition.

Kahi: Exercise is the best way to maintain your figure. I try to work out for at least 1 hour.

Nana: I think the secret to beauty is “to have confidence". It’s important to have a sense of self no matter where you are, what clothes you’re wearing, or what you’re doing.

Steady: A lot of girls/women must be captivated by their attractiveness/stylishness in both Korea and Japan.

Jooyeon: The dream of promoting/doing activities in Japan came true, so all that’s left to do is churn out results!

Nana: I want to show the fans something that goes above and beyond their expectations.

Uee: We just started, but I would like to be on dramas and variety shows in Japan too. I have to work on my Japanese (laughs).

I want to make people think, ‘Girls can do that too.’ I want us to be a group that’s perfect and amazing on stage and thought of like a best friend when we get off stage.”

Non-No Magazine

Korean-style source of energy is indeed ginseng!
Nana: When I was busy and tired, my mom recommended me to chew and eat ginseng. I feel myself getting slowly energized afterwards.

Next to Kahi: The secret to beauty is in coffee?

I separate my shoes for when I’m working and when I’m off
Uee: Since we wear heels that are high for concerts and practice, our feet/legs get swollen. To offset that, I let my feet/legs rest by wearing sneakers and pumps [on off days].

Chugging ginseng extract every morning!
Jooyeon: Drinking a liquid ginseng extract sold in Korea is my morning routine. It’s bitter, but [good] for your health! I close my eyes and chug it (laughs).

Sources: afterschooldaze, pledisAStrans on Twitter

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