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After School's UEE denies dating rumors with co-star Joowon

Submitted: Feb 25 2012 02:15 AM by Higurashi

After School member UEE, who has also been gaining attention as an actress lately, denied the relationship rumors surrounding her and her "Ojakgyo Brothers" co-star Joowon on KBS 2TV'S "Entertainment Relay" in the dating corner of the show. According to UEE, her relationship with Joowon is nothing more than a professional one.

The reason these dating rumors have been circulating are due to the on-screen couple's loving and sweet image on "Ojakgyo Brothers," which has led viewers to believe that both actors are actually dating off-screen as well.

In addition to clearing the rumors, UEE surprised her fans by doing a dance performance in the streets of Hongdae despite her busy schedule.

Source: Star News

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