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Cha Seung Won clarifies his statement about Big Bang's TOP

Submitted: Jun 30 2011 02:11 AM by Eggyone

Actor Cha Seung Won who starred in the movie "71: Into the Fire" participated in an interview about the film. However, the interview quickly became an issue due to one of his answers and the reporter.

He was asked about TOP's acting during the filming for "71: Into the Fire." For his response to the question the reporter only wrote down, "Choi Seung-Hyun is bad at acting." This created a controversy.

Cha Seung Won finally got the chance to clarify his response in a recent interview with Asiae. This time he was asked to reply to the statement, "When it comes to ill comments on the Internet, I think the media is not entirely free from the responsibility of writing about them and rumors that develop from them."

Cha Seung Won answered, "I once answered a question about Seung-Hyun's acting in an interview. The reporter asked me what I thought and I answered with, 'He is young and doesn't have any previous acting experience so of course he wouldn't be that good. However, he is not someone who regards acting as an easy job. Seung-Hyun puts a lot of effort into being a good actor and he should be respected for that. He also doesn't act like someone big because he is an idol star. During the filming, Seung-Hyun worked really hard to become his character.' In the end, the reporter just wrote, 'Choi Seung-Hyun is bad at acting,' even though that wasn't what I said."

Cha Seung Won recently starred in the hit drama, "The Greatest Love," as top star Dokko Jin.

Did you watch "71: Into the Fire" when it came out? What did you think of TOP's acting in the movie?

Source: Asiae, Big Bang VIP, and Big Bang Updates

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  • Vyvy 99 Points

    man that reporter is bad at paraphrasing -___- heck he/she was supposed to quote cha seung won's words ><
    glad everything is cleared up :]]

    29 June 2011 - 06:29 PM

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