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Chae Dongha’s friends comment on the singer’s suicide

Submitted: Jun 02 2011 02:18 AM by spicyricecake

Last week, Chae Dongha was found dead in his apartment, with the case being ruled as a suicide. Many celebrities have expressed their condolences on the situation via Twitter, and other friends have also commented. In particular, his friends expressed that while they think he had an introverted personality, they did not think that he would be depressed to the point of committing suicide on impulse.

An artist who had been friends with Chae Dongha since before his rise to fame commented that Chae Dongha was not good at expressing himself, and it had gotten worse since he left SG Wannabe. The celebrity also said that Chae Dongha had not kept in contact with most of his artist friends, and perhaps the situation and outcome would have been different if he had.

Additionally, Chae Dongha’s manager from his SG Wannabe days revealed that prior to his suicide, he called from Japan saying that he was happy that he had a lot of fans in Japan, and hoped that he could increase his popularity in Korea in the near future. This led the manager to believe that Chae Dongha had hopes to carry out further promotions and did not have a reason to commit suicide. The manager also commented on Chae Dongha’s introverted personality, but did not sense any signs of depression from the artist.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

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  • Imagine8 1 Points

    sounds fishy...... or maybe he just drank a lot that night...??

    01 June 2011 - 07:29 PM

  • Natalie 60 Points

    This sounds so horrible. I really wish that people wouldn't take their lives and would see that there's something better out there if they hold on a little bit more. RIP.

    02 June 2011 - 01:33 AM

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